Welcome to cyberzenno

I’ve been thinking about an amazing project called cyberzenno, for more than three years. I’ve been amazed by my own ideas, I’ve made schemes and connections, plans and development, I wrote down the project and I’ve been doing sprint plannings and sprint reviews with myself, in order to achieve all this awesomeness. In the end I realized I just wanted…a blog.

My name is Zenno and I am a software developer. This is one of the ways I like the most to interpret the world. From my point of view, I can see development all around us, from plants and animals, to molecules and atoms, from the laws of physics, to art and social behaviour. From the depths of our DNA to the text I’m writing down here, it’s all about programming.

This site is a collection of thoughts, ideas, personal considerations, projects and code samples and whatever else my developer mind, will suggest along the way.

Thanks for being here and welcome to cyberzenno.