Light on Earth

Is been a while since I wanted to do something with Unity 3D. In this experiment I would like to demonstrate with a simple 3D simulation, that the time of day and night on Earth depends on the Earth axis inclination.

Live Demo (work in progress)

Source Code

In theory the simulation is relatively simple, but the its implementation with Unity is harder than I thought, for reasons that I might explain later.

A little note

I was working in Guildford some years ago and most of the times I was going back home by walk. My way home was passing by the Guildford Cathedral Hill. It was very nice, quiet and with a lovely view, oriented to straight West.

Guildford Cathedral Hill

Of course I was going back home on Winter (left side of the picture) and on Summer (right side of the picture). It was easy to spot that the sun was moving with the seasons and meditating why it was like that, is how I got the inspiration for my Unity 3D experiment.

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