Only Colours and Horses

I suggest to Right Click and Loop on the video for a better experience.

Thanks to a friend, the wonderful sculptress Eva Terzoni, some time ago I ended up in a party. It was at the home of Finn Stone. The Marvellous Finn Stone I would say.

What to say about it? I got mad. Surrounded by thousands of works and literally milions of colors, I got really over excited.
Finn Stone
With good music in the background and a glass of wine on my hand, I started  wandering around the garage, the shed, the garden, the living room and so on, simply mesmerized by so much Art, Creativity and Expression all in one place.

Finn was looking at me a bit like I was crazy, but I couldn’t help it: I was high on colours.
In one of the many sheds, I found this, originally a Barby’s horse probably.Horsy 2Horsy 1I looked at it and high-on-art as I was, I saw it running. Two weeks later, Horsy was actually running. That’s the story 🙂

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