My name is Zenno. I was born in Romania, lived in Italy and now I’m working in UK. I like to call myself a “creative lateral thinker software developer”, but if this sounds too much, I am simply a Web Developer with the Microsoft .Net stack.

I’ve done my five years computer science high school at the glorious ITIS Armellini in Rome and still deeply grateful for that. I attended one year .Net Development Course at Prometheo (which I really recommend to update their site), then last but definitely not least, I’ve been studying computer science at La Sapienza University and after almost two years, I left it with the solemn promise to come back and finish my degree one day…
Well, that day hasn’t arrived yet, but it will arrive for sure…one day.

I started working finally as a Web Developer towards the end of 2012. Since that day, I’ve been working on many applications in Italy and in UK, but I still have the impression I know almost nothing about “real” software development. I am still actually eager to learn, to improve, to research, to innovate and, above all, to create.


You can contact me at cyberzenno@gmail.com,
or using the form below.