Web Design Surface

I’ve been almost haunted by this idea for quite a while.

  • How could it be a complete freedom of movement on web design?
  • How could it be to just drag things around anywhere you like?
  • How could it be to treat the web page, as a surface?

Finally, here there is a brand new prototype by cyberzenno.

It is not the final solution, is a bit buggy and is just an experiment. But it’s been an interesting experience to develop it during the lock down.
I hope you enjoy it, and if you do, I would really love some feedback
Thank you!


Football Teams

Football Teams is an exercise with the aim to put together 
As Simple As Possible examples in an AspNet MVC Application, for the following concepts and practices:

Visual Driven DevelopmentĀ®View Map
This one is definitely a special one. I will spent the next years of my life, trying to develop and explain this concept.
For now, let’s just have a look at the VDD Map.

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Flow Pattern

I’ve been thinking for quite a bit about the flow of current from a source through several wires and switches until it reaches a flow consumer. I found it interesting and I decided to do some experiments.
Honestly I didn’t investigate yet whether there is such a pattern or not, because I wanted to try it first on my own. Now that I have something in place I will have a look for a proper pattern.
In the meantime here there is an application with my house made Flow Pattern, still work in progress.

Live Demo

Source Code

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