Something about freedom

Do we have the freedom to create and develop what we really want?

Yes, of course, somebody could say. We have so many tools that we can use. And so many languages. And libraries. And frameworks. And websites, and forums, and communities, and tutorials, and apps, suggestions, recommendations, best practices, updates, other new languages and libraries better than the previous, and again updates to follow the market trend, and other new better frameworks and then again even better communities to follow…

So, yes, we have the freedom to do whatever we want.
We need just to understand what we want. And do it. In the way we want.


Ideas, so many ideas

Every one of us have a lot of ideas. Every one of us has been very, very close to be the creator of Facebook, or Twitter, or Whatsapp, or even Ruzzle or Candy Crush. Every one of us has missed for a little bit, the simple but right idea to become rich, famous and powerful. And every one of us is still looking for this right idea, to become rich, famous and powerful. Why not, even me right now.

But the point is, the lucky or genial creators of the most successful software around the world, they didn’t look for doing “something” to become rich and famous. They simply did what for them was funny and natural, or noble and proud, and they believed in their intuitions and feelings enough to go over those who laughed in their face: “A personal computer? For common people? No way!”.
So let yourself flow towards what you really feel and believe. Do not look for the idea that makes you rich and powerful, but look for what brings you enthusiasm and joy. Look for what you are really interested in, and if you don’t know it yet, look hard to find it.

I believe the best results come out when you do it with interest, pleasure and satisfaction. This can happen only when things are done in a genuine and natural way. Things made in a genuine and natural way are beautiful and beauty is something we all want and need. And when you do things that everybody want and need, is very likely you would become also rich and powerful.
If not, at least you would be a satisfied person.