Football Teams

Football Teams is an exercise with the aim to put together 
As Simple As Possible examples in an AspNet MVC Application, for the following concepts and practices:

Visual Driven Development®View Map
This one is definitely a special one. I will spent the next years of my life, trying to develop and explain this concept.
For now, let’s just have a look at the VDD Map.

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Flow Pattern

I’ve been thinking for quite a bit about the flow of current from a source through several wires and switches until it reaches a flow consumer. I found it interesting and I decided to do some experiments.
Honestly I didn’t investigate yet whether there is such a pattern or not, because I wanted to try it first on my own. Now that I have something in place I will have a look for a proper pattern.
In the meantime here there is an application with my house made Flow Pattern, still work in progress.

Live Demo

Source Code

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